Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thank Goodness for Spring Break!!!

                  Tomorrow is Friday, the last day of school for 9 days!!! Not sure how many of you are just hitting that burned out time in your schooling but I'm there.  Looking forward to having a few days to spend some time organizing my home, reading a magazine, and just few moments here and there of me time. 

                  Don't get me wrong I love my kids and homeschooling them, but sometimes this Mommy just wants to be the Mommy and spend time with her kids! No worries about the times tables, a science fair project or working on cursive handwriting..... or LESSON PLANS! ;)

                 My plans for next week include 2 softball practices, dance class, and a few organization projects around the house. Other than those few things, I am keeping our time free from plans and going to just go with the flow. After 8 months of Lesson Planning and worrying about sticking with a schedule, I am living for Friday afternoon! 

                 Hope everyone has a great Spring Break and enjoys the brief recess from Lesson Planning and all that goes with being a Homeschooling Mommy.  =)

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