Friday, February 24, 2012

A Site Worth Visiting....again & again! Famous Homeschoolers!

Check it out here!

Came across the Famous Homeschoolers website and I have to say this site ROCKS!!! It is so much more than just a list of famous homeschoolers.... you know what I mean the old standbys, we can recite by heart. Of course, they are listed-the Famous Mt.Rushmore Presidents, who were ALL homeschooled, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to name a few that I knew about before scouring the site.

The surprise was finding all the people that are famous now or in recent years that were homeschooled. These include Sandra Day O'Connor, first woman justice on the US Supreme Court. Discovered both of the Wright brothers home educated as well.

Bethany Hamilton, from "Soul Surfer" and Lila Rose, who is the founder of the pro-life group Live Action. As I'm sure most of you will recall Live Action has made the news in recent years with their undercover reporting at Planned Parenthood! How Cool Is That!!!!! These are young ladies that I would be proud to have my daughter look up to.

Want to learn more? Go here. ;)

Not only does this site list TONS of famous individuals who were educated at home but it also has a section of famous homeschooling parents. Found a name I didn't expect to see at all!!!! Will Smith!!!!!!! His quote stated on the site is awesome!!!!!

The best part about  Famous Homeschoolers (in my opinion) is how much work that has went into not only listing the names, but also including links to quite of few of their bio pages.

 This site is just the place to visit when you are starting to question your choice to homeschool or as it happens most often, others question your choice! Would encourage you to check the list out with your kids!!!

Go here to check it out!

Then come back & Let me know whose name surprised you the most!!!!  =)


  1. I have read Eragon and the sequel! The author was homeschooled and I didn't know that. Christopher Paolini. There were others also but that was a surprise to me since I pride myself in knowing homeschooled people! :~)

    1. That's how I felt too. Surprised that after all these years I didn't know some of the names. lol ;)

  2. I didn't realize Tim Tebow was home schooled. Just one more reason to love him! Thanks for the link to a cool site! Your blog rocks!


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